Payment Methods

PayPal for Credit Card Transactions

 We accept all major credit card companies by using PayPal. PayPal is the safest and most secure way to transfer money online. Weighted Wishes as the seller, does NOT have access to your private credit card information. This is kept confidential during the transaction and we do not at any time see your credit card number or any personal information.. After confirming your order details, shipping price and total order price. You will be sent an invoice Via PayPal. Where you can fill out the information that they ask for, and the money will automatically be taken from your Credit Card or PayPal account and transferred to our account. It's that simple!

Canadian Customers

Our Canadian Customers have the option of sending payments with Interac Email-Money Transfer through their online banking! Instant payments, withdrawn from your bank account and sent to us. Private with no banking info being exchanged! The only information we will have, is your email address.


Also Available to Canadian customers, manly schools & organizations is the use of mailing cheques and money orders. 


Shipping Fees & Estimates

Unfortunately we do not have flat rate shipping prices, as all of our products are custom and weigh different amounts.


We may have one blanket that weighs 3 lbs and another one that weighs 17 lbs.

This makes it impossible to accurately do automatic shipping prices. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Simply fill our order form and we will be happy to get you the shipping cost. You will be billed for shipping upfront along with your order. We do not bill shipping separately, and you will not be asked at a later date to pay.


We will also ship via UPS & FEDEX upon request!