About Us


We are located in the

Niagara Region of Ontario Canada.


We do not have a storefront, or a mass production plant.


All items are made by our lovely seamstress, to the highest of quality and LOVE.


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The Owner

Hello, My Name is Val. I am the very lucky Mom of 3 great daughters whom I love with all my heart. I have been sewing for many years and got into it more when my first daughter was born. Then I was making all kinds of items for children's bedroom decor. As time went on, I started making her clothing. Then many moons later came daughter #2 and a few years later daughter #3. End of story! Well, for the daughters anyhow. I was always filled with so much pride, as I got to see them in school concerts wearing something I gave up a few nights sleep to make. However I was sad when they no longer fit anymore. Now those outfits are packed away in hopes of grandchildren one day. I have been fortunate enough to stay home and raise all of my girls, as this is how I grew up. So sewing over the years has helped me in many ways. Now as my daughters have all grown up, I now spend my time helping other children around the world in many ways.

My Work

weighted vest, weighted blanket, weighted lap pad
Weighted Sensory Products

 At the beginning, I would drive myself crazy during research on these products and how they were needed.  Often times being disappointing when finding they were only being offered in the United States, with generic pre-made fabrics.  These items were in high demand, unfortunately offered at very high prices, often times out of reach for most families in need. Another common issue, many manufacturers sold products filled with unsafe materials such as aquarium gravel, or un-washable fillers such as rice. This was a high investment for something that could be potentially harmful or unable to clean. 


The day finally came where I designed my own line of products. My weighted blankets for example are 4 layers. As other companies only make theirs with 2 layers. I made mine this way for longer lasting quality, which will uphold shape and strength for repeated laundering.


Same with my weighted vests. I wanted them to look as much like a normal child's vest as I could. Nothing on the outside to make it look any different or stand out in class or out in public. I also wanted my vests, blankets etc to be very child friendly. The most important thing you can do is design these items so the children using them will WANT to use them. That is half the battle for a parent spending the money on these items. There is no way as a parent you will be successful in getting your child to wear a green vest if he hates green!


So, when possible please ask the children for colour and print ideas. I have had many parents tell me this way really works. I also want these items to be safe for the children I am making them for! Please do not ask me to make a weighted blanket for a child that will be too heavy. I make these items too help not to injure.

My Reason

What brought me to make these weighted items?? Daughter #3 and a request to make some items for a grandmother in need of help. Daughter #3 is a very special gift that just needs a bit more help in life


 I am a very proud mom of a child who has more daily challenges than my other 2 daughters. Not a day has not gone by where she has not taught me something. Mainly to love & laugh no matter what is wrong in life. That's what makes her SPECIAL. I will not go into detail as to what she has as "labels" are not something I believe in for children or adults. We all have struggles in life and we do not walk the earth with such labels. Yes, it may help in identifying reasons for difficulties in life but they have a given name and that works best for me.

I have been overwhelmed many times from parents that have purchased my items for children with their wonderful emails, letters and pictures. Many times some of these have brought me to tears reading how these Mom's have finally gotten a nights sleep because their children have finally been able to relax at night. Sad but very true. Mom's only sleep when their children do. I will never be rich in money doing what I do as I have tried very hard to always keep our pricing lower than anyone else. I know what it is like to not make ends meat, but I also know what its like to need something for my daughter that most times is out of reach. I will however always be rich in the wonderful feedback that I have gotten from parents. I have worked very hard to get where we are now with this and hope to continue until I am no longer able to do so.