Weighted Sensory Snuggle Wraps / Lap Pads


Our "NEW" Calming Snuggle Wrap / Lap Pad is a great addition to a sensory therapy diet for a child or adult. It's great for children who just need that extra bit of assistance, perhaps for watching t.v, playing a game or on the computer.
Great for adults as well, who have a sore neck or shoulders from working at a desk for long hours or any job that leaves your neck and shoulders tender.
Which often cause headaches and back pain as well.


How Do You Use It?

The Snuggle Wrap, is a multi-functional tool that can be used in 3 ways! Yes, that's correct 3 ways! We previously made Lap Pads, but after bringing out the Snuggle Wrap, there is no longer a need for a Lap Pad. This product, is a small lap pad, large lap pad, and a shoulder/ neck wrap all in one! 3 individual sensory tools all combined into one convenient Snuggle!

1. By folding it down to its smallest size, the small lap pad will provide deep pressure to the lap and relax thigh and upper leg muscles.

2. Simply fold it in half to form large lap pad, you will then be providing deep pressure and stimulation to the lower nervous system, giving the lower body a grounded feeling. Great for those with restless legs or those who feel the constant need to get up and walk around. Great tool to help children sit at a chair and eat too!

3. Does the child like hugs!? Open the Snuggle so that it is long and resembles a scarf, drape it across the child's shoulders so it hangs down in front of them. Ta Da!! This is a great technique to give the child a sensation of receiving a hug! This is also very helpful if a child has a tendency to take a blanket, wrap it around their shoulders and drag it around with them everywhere they go. Now they have a smaller, more efficient way to get the same feeling!


Size & Quality:




  Children   10"w by 36"l  $42.99 ea. CAN$
Adult   Coming Soon TBA CAN$

What are they made of? All of our products are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship. We prefer to use Cotton & Flannel materials as these are the strongest and last the longest.

What do you fill the Snuggle Wraps with and are they removable for washing? My choice of weight is Poly Pellets ( Polypropylene Stuffing ). These are tiny plastic hypo-allergenic beads, that are sewn into the Snuggle Wrap and are not removable. You simply wash the Snuggle, and put it in the drier on a low heat setting. No special treatment required!


Get creative, design the Snuggle!

Think about how you want the Snuggle to look. If you can, have a sit down chat with your child or friend to talk about what colours or things that they like. As you have read above, this is extremely important. We want to encourage them to use it.

By clicking on the photos above, you can enlarge them to get a bigger and better view! These are just example pictures of a previous Snuggle we have made. You can be creative and think of other patterns and colours, just like you would with our Vests and Blankets. More pictures will be added soon!


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