Important Shipping Information


Please read the following important information regarding our Shipping Policy and how you can get a shipping estimate before buying!

Shipping Policy:

All of our items are custom made to order, none of our items are pre-made, sitting in stock, waiting to be packaged and shipped. We fill our orders on a first come, first serve basis so we start and finish an order then move onto the next one line, going by the date the order was paid for. For example: You may have placed an order on the 2nd of the month, but payment didn't clear until the 19th. Please keep this in mind when ordering, we do not consider it an official order until it is paid for in full.

Please allow up to a possible 8-10 weeks at this time for your order to be made. Usually there will be orders in front of you, like stated above, but we do stay in contact with the buyer and let you know the process of the order. If fabric and materials need to be ordered and extra time is needed to complete the order, we will be in contact with you and let you know. Sometimes rare fabrics will be requested and needed to be imported in from foreign countries. We are not reliable or to be held responsible for the delay in your order, if the fabric that we need is sitting at the border customs office, or delayed in shipping. In this situation, we will talk about our options and come up with the quickest and easiest solution on how to finish the order transaction.


Shipping Prices & Estimates:

We do not have standard flat shipping prices, because all of our products weigh different amounts. We may have one order being shipped out that weighs 3 lbs and another one that ways 17 lbs. This makes it a bit tricky for shipping prices. We take pride in offering the lowest shipping prices possible. We will search around for the lowest and most efficient shipping price for you, that is insured and traceable. You will be informed BEFORE paying, how much your shipping will be. You will not have to pay separately or be billed at a later date for extra shipping by us.

You can easily get a shipping estimate from us, simply head over to the Order Page, and fill out the order form. Let us know that you would like a shipping price estimate, and we will be happy to get you one!


Who do you ship with?


Canada Post & Fed Ex are our most popular shipping providers. You can request any shipping company you prefer and any method of shipping such as ground, express, overnight or 2 day ship, but keep in mind you will be paying the full shipping price that they charge. We do not offer shipping discounts, unless we are delivering the item for local customers


To contact us regarding shipping, please click here to be directed to the " Contact Us " page.

Want a shipping estimate? No problem! Head over to the Order Page, by clicking here. Simply fill out the form and let us know you are enquiring about a shipping estimate.