Weighted Stuffed Animals


 Do you have a child that loves to snuggle with stuffed animals! Perhaps they carry it around with them everywhere they go, watch t.v with it, take it in the car and of course... snuggle in bed with it? Well we have brought out a new weighted stuffed animal, just for kids with special needs!


 Weighted Stuffed Animals are a great addition to a sensory therapeutic routine for a child, they have several benefits and its something a child is sure to love! They can use the animal, without even realizing how much it's truly helping them. Children crave the feeling that heavy items provide them, some tend to even pick up heavy items and carry them around with them, leaving some adults to wonder... why?
  While others are overactive and tend to play or " fidget " with anything they can find. A weighted stuffed animal is a great way to help with these types of situations. The child will hold the weighted item and provide deep calming pressure to their hands, and meanwhile relaxing the central nervous system and stimulate the brain. In the end, helping the child calm down and relax.


Choose an Animal!

 This may be the trickiest part for a child, deciding what kind of animal they would like. We don't have any sitting in stock right now and waiting to be filled, so the pictures shown are of previous customers orders. They have asked for bears and dogs to be filled, so feel free to click on the pictures to get a better view. Take some time to think about what kind of animal the child likes and let us know! We will work our hardest to find the perfect little critter. We suggest giving us a top 3 list of preferred animals, that way we can provide you with a selection of animals to choose from.





You decide the animal!
 $49.00 ea CAN$
3 lb Fill