Wish G-Tube Feeding Covers


Wish Covers are the newest addition to our line up!
These are great little accessories for anyone who uses a gastrostomy tube.

Our Wish Covers are three layers thick; One top cotton layer followed by two layers of matching flannel material.
To insure they absorb any leakage, keeping the area dry and moisture free.
Most importantly to be comfortable agaisnt the skin. We do not like to use any fabrics that may irritate the skin.

Quality stitch work for a longer lasting wear.
Machine washable.
All of our covers are made with a soft Velcro closure.

These are just some examples of the fabrics we have used for our previous customers.
we have several fabric options available, and can do many colour options as well.

We will work with you to design custom fabric colours and designs.

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  Sets of 3    $6.00 ea. CAN$
  Bulk   Please Contact CAN$


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