Weighted Sensory Therapeutic Blankets


Commonly used for Autism Spectrum, ADHD, ADD, PDD-NOS, Sensory Integration Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Alzheimer's, Restless Leg Syndrome, Menopause, Insomnia and many more needs.

Does your child have a hard time sleeping through the night? Are they up all night due to stress, anxiety, or just have a hard time settling and calming down at bedtime?

  These are just a few of the examples where a Weighted Sensory Blanket would be very helpful for a child.
Deep pressure therapy is a fantastic therapeutic treatment commonly recommended by Physio and Occupational therapists to assist with sleeping. When using a blanket, the evenly distributed weight is proving deep pressure stimulization to the central nervous system. By doing this, the central nervous system feels relaxed and calm with Sensory Integration. Children who struggle at night to fall asleep or have broken interrupted sleep would see a big difference if they used one of these blankets

For more information on how Weighted Blankets help, please check out our " How They Work" page by clicking here.

 Sensory products play an important role in the daily lives of children with special needs.
Helping improve the quality of live, and making things easier for them and their families. High end merchandise companies see the market for these, know families need them and charge high prices. We noticed this, and expanded our company to provide Blankets and other weighted items at affordable prices for budgets of all sizes! The best thing is, all of our products are completely custom!

 We want kids to be excited to go to snuggle into bed and use the new blanket. How to we achieve this? It's really quite simple actually.

 Weighted Wishes lets the client design it! Yes you read it correctly, we do not design any of our weighted products. We may create them, but the designing is up to the child or adult who will be wearing it. Our staff work with the child/ client to come up with something unique, that they would LOVE to use. If they love the look of the blanket, the colour or character that's on it. They would be excited and thrilled to use it!

What are they made of? All of our products are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship. We prefer to use Cotton & Flannel materials as these are the strongest and last the longest.

What do you fill the Blankets with and are they removable for washing? My choice of weight is Poly Pellets ( Polypropylene Stuffing ). These are tiny plastic hypo-allergenic beads, that are sewn into the blanket and are not removable. You simply wash the blanket, and put it in the drier on a low heat setting. No special treatment required!

Decided you want to order? Great, read the steps below on how to order!

Step #1: Choose the size!

The way we do our sizing is very simple, our blankets are made to be similar to the size of the bed that the child/ adult is sleeping in. Simply look at the chart below, and find the bed size! If you are interested in getting a smaller blanket, for car rides, then a Travel would be the best choice.





Small 34" W x 60" L Approx

Up to 5lb included ($2.00 a pound if extra weight is needed)
$130.00 ea CAN
Twin / Single 39" W x 72" L
Up to 10lb included ($2.00 a pound if extra weight is needed)
$190.00 ea CAN

Step #2: Weigh them!

In order for the blanket to provide the proper stimulization to the body, and work effectively, the blanket is filled with a maximum of 10% of the total body weight plus 1 LB. So before you order, please weigh your child, do not guesstimate as this may harm the child if too much weight is put into the vest.


Step #3: Get creative, design it!

Think about how you want the blanket to look. If you can, have a sit down chat with your child or friend to talk about what colours or things that they like. As you have read above, this is extremely important. We want to encourage them to get all snuggly in bed,and get a good nights sleep.

Examples of previous orders.


Step #4: Order!

Head on over to the Order Page, by clicking here to fill out a complete online order form! You will not be automatically billed when submitting the form. We will review it and be in contact with you shortly to confirm all the details!


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